ESCAPE BOOKs serie in which you will have to solve different enigmas in order to continue the story. And, for this, you must put all your skills to the test... 

La mansión del horror

When a curious stranger questions the local elders about the Bei house, the decrepit and dilapidated building that dominates the hill outside, he inevitably encounters a wall of silence, suspicious glances and evasive answers. Perhaps one of the old men, more talkative than the others, will dare to mutter under his breath: “The mansion of horror. If I were you, I would stay away from her. For what it could happen". After that, the bewildered interrogator will get nothing but evasions and low whispers.

You are on the verge of living the most chilling experience of your life. Soon you will join Ana, Rubén, Estela and Samuel in exploring the old building that legend places, nothing more and nothing less, above the gate to hell itself. Along the way, they will be forced to deal with forces beyond all comprehension, and all their abilities will be tested if they want to emerge unscathed.

They need your help! Solve riddles and riddles in this exciting adventure.

︎2021 – Escapistas. La mansión del horror. Published by Anaya. Written by Ximo Cerdà. ISBN 9788469885840. 15x21cm. 232 color pages

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