ESCAPE BOOKs serie in which you will have to solve different enigmas in order to continue the story. And, for this, you must put all your skills to the test... 

La torre de los secretos

On the outskirts of Puntoenboca, at the top of a wooded hill covered in vegetation, stands the Tower of Secrets, a mysterious place of uncertain origin that seems to harbor innumerable dangers and enigmas. Our friends, Emma, Vic, Luna, Rober and Pistachios the squirrel, will arrive there in their search for the trail of Enzo Della Rovere, the Hidden Ones and their mysterious conspiracy.

︎2023 – Escapistas. La torre de los secretos. Published by Anaya. Written by Ximo Cerdà. Illustrated by Kike Ibáñez. ISBN 978-84-143-3527-7. 15x21cm. 232 color pages

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